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About me

My love for photography goes back to my childhood. Armed with an analog SLR camera, first a Yashica and later a Contax, I went out into the nature to make pictures of everything the beautiful wildlife has to offer. After a period of silence, I picked up my hobby again in 2004 and became a fanatical user of a digital SLR camera. Currently I use a Canon 50D. My favourite lens is a 10-22 mm wide angle, ideal for landscape photography. My major interests of photography are landscape, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and macro photography. Most of my photos have been taken in and around nature areas close to my hometown Enschede in the Netherlands. I have also shot many pictures of beautiful skies and the mythical Dutch light along the Dutch coast in the province of Zeeland. 

I have supplied my photos to Dutch based stock photo agency Buiten-Beeld

Award winning photos